Game Prototyping

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This is where the magic happens! During the Game Prototyping course, students of the Majors Game Development and Game Graphics Production come together and learn to transform a game concept to a simple prototype where the emphasis is put on gameplay mechanics.


The students will make game prototypes both individually and in group. The final product needs to demonstrate clearly how the final game will function. Not only the final game prototype and the game mechanics are important, also the process by which this is achieved. Students will be monitored on a weekly base.


Moreover, students will be assessed on how they present their game, on how they worked as an individual and even more importantly on how they functioned as a team member and a team.


In the module Game Prototyping, the student will deal with:

  • Prototype documents
  • Version control systems
  • Prototyping techniques
  • The simple visualization of a concept


Technologies used: Unity 3D



2DEVGRAPH1 Team 19 Trailer from DAE on Vimeo.

2DEVGRAPH2 Team 12 saltbeard from DAE on Vimeo.

As a final assignment for the game prototyping module, students had to write a design document and subsequently develop a playable prototype for a game with single player mode. The theme of the game was Pirate Island. The students stepped into the role of an indie game designer and they created within a team of co-designers a minimalist game that can be played on a PC with a mouse and keyboard. The focus was on designing interesting gameplay with a minimum of control buttons, possible actions and rules. The graphical interface of the game had to be minimalist. The students were able to develop a playable prototype within a week.