The Level, The Square, The Penta

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DAE students explore three vibrant campuses: The Level, The Square, and The Penta. Each campus allows for peak learning and networking, making sure students thrive academically, feel at home, and forge lifelong friendships.

The Level

Home and heart of DAE! Dive into learning with small and big classrooms, art labs, a conference room, the Hive project room... Bring your ideas to life with our state-of-the-art equipment like our mocap, greenkey studio and virtual production studio.

The Square

More than just classrooms and an audio studi, this vibrant campus hosts DAE Research, packed with the latest hardware and software. It's the hotspot for DAE film and game jams!

The Penta

Classes surrounded by nature! The main campus of Howest in Kortrijk houses the student restaurant, library, cinema area, helpdesk, largest auditoriums, and more.