Animation 3

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In Animation 3 you get the chance to prove yourself as an actor or for example to impersonate the drama queen you always wanted to be!

  • We explore the mysterious world of emotions and how to reproduce them on an animated character in order to make your audience weep, scream or laugh.
  • We learn how to analyse sound.
  • Make your puppet babble his life away with convincing lipsynch.
  • We enter an animation contest so you get some fresh feedback. This is a good way to compare your qualities to other animators and to exchange your experiences.

And finally… carte blanche: do what you are best at. Make the animationclip you WANT to make (within the time boundaries of the semester of course.


All this should provide you with a solid base to become a real animator and to explore this fantastic universe to infinity and beyond.


Technology used:Autodesk Maya



 Arnold De Rauw (Rig 'Jaafar' by Alorema Rigs)

 Mari Gallet (Rig 'Waitress' by Santiago Calle and Francois Boquet; Rig 'Aang' by Mia Pray and Rijah Kazuo)

 Lisa Cornil (Rig 'Boni by Ugur Ulvi Yetiski)

 Machias Boschman (Rig 'Ghostly Knight' by Emilio Serrano; Rig 'Link' by Christoph Schoch)

 Juan Carlos Yanez (Rig 'Tom' by Artem Dubina & Rinan Adamanov; Rig 'Lou by Dmitry Danilov & Boris Klimov)

 Stefan Savic (Rigs by Gabriel Salas)

 Maarten Leys (Sam Rig by Gabriel Salas)

DAE_Anim3_Exam2022_LeysMaarten from Digital Arts and Entertainment on Vimeo.