Compositing 3

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Compositing 3 is all about deepening your skills with node-based compositing in Fusion and broadening your knowledge of the full VFX process.


The main focus this semester is CGI integration into live-action footage using multi-pass AOV compositing. To do that you will have to film your own footage and go through the whole process of processing & manipulating footage, rendering & integrating CGI assets in


To attain photorealistic results, we need to make a deep dive into the full digital image pipeline to understand color management & color spaces so you can apply them correctly as an artist in the production of high quality VFX shots


Topics include:
- CGI rendering techniques
- Multi-pass AOV compositing
- Camera tracking & shot layout
- Photorealism & camera effects
- Color management & digital image pipeline
- Shot production & set data acquisition


Software used: Adobe Creative Cloud, DaVinci Resolve, Autodesk Maya, Pixel Farm PFTrack, ftrack




2223_Comp3_Dancing Robots from Digital Arts and Entertainment on Vimeo.