Compositing 2

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In the 2nd semester you will switch from layer-based compositing in After Effects to node-based compositing in Blackmagic Design Fusion.

We will start with some more simple, technical VFX exercises to learn the new software, while learning more about fundamentals regarding camera, light, color and compositing. Then it is time to dive into 2D/3D matte painting. Starting from live footage you will completely change the environment and mood by integrating seamlessly photographic elements and computer generated images into the original shot

Topics include:

- Node-based compositing with Blackmagic Design Fusion

- Compositing Theory

- Light & Digital Color Systems

- Camera Matching & VFX Projection Setups

- 2D/3D Matte Painting

Software used: Adobe Creative Cloud, Blackmagic Design Fusion


DAE_COMP2_Exam2021-22_VandeveldeAnse_Comparison from Digital Arts and Entertainment on Vimeo.