Game Graphics Production

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You are one of the pillars of the content creation pipeline of AAA games. Starting from concept art and/or a design document, you can translate the graphical style set by an art director into an AAA quality game content.


Just as a game developer, you have a thorough technical insight in the production pipeline. You are able to find a balance between productivity and the quality of the work you deliver. You master a broad range of 2D and 3D techniques, so you are able to select the perfect mix of skills and tools in function of any specific situation. Your virtual world is “real time”.

To you, a game engine is not an empty concept. The game engine is the “recipient” for all content produced by the game developer.A thorough knowledge of the working of a game engine and the implementation of game assets in a game engine is one of your key distinguishing factors.


Future jobs for students who graduate in this major are 3D Artist, Character Modeler, Environment Modeler, Rigging Artist, Level Designer, Technical Artist, Game Designer, …


Semester 5 can be substituted by a study semester abroad at one of our international partner universities.


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In semester 3 and 4 you have 4 fixed modules and 1 elective module that you can choose from, either you specialize in:


- Character Design/Creation

- Stylized Design and Creation

- Animation for games.


You can not mix elective courses.




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This major is in Dutch or in English