Jacco Goris co-founded 3D product imaging

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Alumni Jacco Goris co-founded a company called 3D Product Imaging in Seattle together with Darrick Morrison. Jacco graduated from Digital Arts and Entertainment in 2012 and had worked at Cartamundi Digital.


3D Product Imaging brings the 3rd dimension to the online shopping experience, resulting in higher conversion rates, decreased returns and brand differentiation. Consumers can enjoy a virtual “in-store” experience online with the ability to engage with products in full, unrestricted 3D movement inside a web-browser as if they were holding it in their hands.


Products are scanned in and afterwards added to the clients website. They also track how visitors interact with the product returning valuable data to the client.


You can see an example of their technology on their website or you can take a look at this live customer example at RonixWake.com.