Programming 1 2023 Grid Based Game

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As part of the course curriculum, students are given a 1-2 week period to create a small grid-based game of their choosing. Working in pairs, they are encouraged to apply programming techniques to develop the game. The project is designed to reinforce what they have learned thus far, including the usage of arrays. Overall, this exercise provides an enjoyable and practical way for students to apply their newly acquired programming skills.

Cybersnake- Jakub Fratczak

Candy Crush - Warre Stoop - Victor Taeijmans


Minecraft - Gisele Harnevie - Matias Devredo

Rush Hour - Jasper Feyaerts - Adam Knapecz


Tetris - Fleur Slabbinck - Maxim Verhaeghe


The Unbinding Of Scheissaac - Nigel Huens - Yarno Ceulemans


Laser Danger - Kenzo Segers - Christiane Schaper