Compositing 2: Exam results 2021-22

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For the Compositing 2 exam the students need to create a full VFX 2D/3D matte painting shot based on provided live-action footage.

During the process of creating this assignment they will use camera matching, 3D scenes & models and render elements that they can then further manipulate, integrate & refine into multiple photoshop matte paintings. 
The shot is finished by compositing the matte paintings back into the original shot, rotoscoping foreground elements back on top and adding a nice finishing touch with camera effects & color grading.
Here are some of the results!
Vandevelde Anse

DAE_COMP2_Exam2021-22_VandeveldeAnse_Comparison from Digital Arts and Entertainment on Vimeo.

Terium Roy

Florio Nacir Leonardo

Vandenabeele Natan

Vial Benjamin

Vandenameel Jeffrey