A word from our director

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So your search for the right study programme has lead you to the Bachelor in Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE) at Howest University College… And now you have to find an answer to the all-important question: ‘is studying DAE the best thing for me, and at this point in my life?’
This is a big decision indeed, because DAE is not a life choice you should make lightly. If you choose to come study with us, you will be taken on an intense rollercoaster ride through a world in which your perseverance, your creativity and your passion will be tried and tested. But above all, DAE is an environment where you can grow, learn and develop the skills you will need in order to be successful in the challenging and demanding games, 3D and VFX sector. As we said: not an easy decision!


The DAE curriculum educates you to become an entry-level technical artist for the international games or VFX industry. It is a three-year full-time Bachelor programme. During these studies, we try to reflect as closely as possible the working conditions and methods from the industry. Hence our strong focus on the production pipeline and on being productive as one of many people in a larger team.


At DAE, you can choose from 6 majors, depending on your individual skills and interests:

  • Visual Effects
  • 3D Animation
  • Game Graphics Production
  • Game Development
  • Independent Game Production
  • Interactive Sound Production


Your choice depends on the kind of job and industry you want to end up in. If you want to develop games and program gameplay, tools and engines, then Game Development is the path to choose. If, on the other hand, you want to focus on making worlds, creating objects, levels and characters for games, then Game Graphics Production will be your preferred playground. If you dream of making complete games by yourself or in small teams, producing the graphics and code as well as taking care of the business side of your game, then you will do well in Independent Game Production. And if games are not your thing, but you want to create stunning VFX for movies, TV series, ads or other 3D productions, then the Visual Effects major will be your perfect match.


But whichever major you go for, only choose DAE if you are serious about your ambitions and if you are prepared to put in the time, effort and ‘grit’ it will take. If you fit into this picture, then we are more than happy to welcome you.


Best regards,


Rik -Masterchief- Leenknegt,

Academic Director DAE.