Game Development

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In this specialisation you will immerse yourself in the full production process of AAA games. You become an all-in developer, who learns to conjure with game graphics and gameplay programming. In addition, the student learns breathtaking real time productions such as games, AR and VR simulations. Art and game design are controlled by code that leads to a sensational gaming experience.

As an accomplished juggler, you keep the many elements that lead to a game in balance. They're in the center of a game's radar work, be it in the engine, the artificial intelligence, the game play, the UI, the 3D visuals...

All aspects of a game are made possible through the efforts of a game developer.


Semester 5 can be substituted by a study semester abroad at one of our international partner universities.


Future job opportunities: 3D programmer, level designer, console programmer, technical artist, gameplay programmer, tool developer, shader developer, asset implementer, game developer, ...


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PLEASE BE ADVISED: The overview below describes the curriculum as it will unfold for new first year enrollments in the current academic year. Students who were already enrolled previous academic year may have a different curriculum layout which does not contain some of the changes below.


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