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Belgian students are entitled to a student grant of the Flemish Comminity, provided that they fulfill the pedagocic and financial conditions. To find out if you're eligible or not, the government has created a website called 'Centen voor Studenten'. If you would need some extra help, our student service STUVO HOWEST is at your service. 




Some foreign students can apply for a student grant. The following outline gives general information about  organizations awarding scholarships.

Student grants of the Flemish Community
Certain categories of students staying in Belgium can be entitled to a student grant of the Flemish Community, provided that they fulfill the pedagogic and financial conditions as stipulated in the legislation:

  • children of citizens of a member state of the European Union who are working in Belgium or who have worked here and who are under art.12 of the E.E.C. Regulation 1612/68 of the Council of 15 October 1968 regarding the free movement of workers within the European Union
  • students with a foreign nationality having a permanent residence permit
  • refugees and their children, whose request for asylum has been declared admissible

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Student grants from your own government

Student grants are also awarded by the student's own government. The appropriate authorities in the student's country should be contacted by the student himself/herself.


Student grants from The European Union
The European Union grants scholarships to students from the EU member states (and certain non-member states) who wish to undertake a study period within a university of another member state (or in some countries outside the European Union). Student mobility grants are not full grants, but are intended to cover the mobility costs of studying abroad (travel expenses, language preparation costs, etc.). Erasmus seeks to improve the European dimension of higher education in the EU as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey.
Students wishing to benefit from an Erasmus grant must apply via their home university or college. More information

Student grants from Howest STUVO
During the first year of their studies, international students are NOT eligible for a student grant.

Only after passing the first year successfully, certain categories of foreign students can apply for (non-) reclaimable financial aid on the basis of an individual file. This application has to be made at the Howest STUVO student facilities service. For more information, please contact Howest STUVO .