3D for games 2

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This module consists of several different aspects of game development, such as realtime FX, rigging and animation. In this course, students get a small taste of each of these elements, in order to better understand how this all comes together in a game engine.


In the FX track, the students will learn to create and manipulate effects and particles made for realtime applications such as Unreal Engine 4. After this module the student will be able to analyse any ‘real-life’ effect and translate this to a digital version for games.


In the Rigging track we explain the basics of mechanical rigging, linked to game engine limitations like performance. The student will be able to make mechanical rigs, export them to an engine and make an animation controller. With the help of sockets and code, the student will then add extra functionality and effects to the asset.


Technology used: Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3DS Max, Unreal Engine

Lecturer: Regis.le.Roy@howest.be

LevelScripting2015 DeryckereDries from DAE on Vimeo.