AI for games 1

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Interesting gameplay is what determines a successful game! The gameplay itself is tightly coupled to the quality of the virtual agents in your game world. If those virtual agents behave in an unrealistic way or when they prevent you from advancing in the level, the player will be frustrated and he/she will probably quit playing your game. Because of this the key focus of Gameplay Programming is Artificial Intelligence in Games. You will learn the most important AI techniques used in games, how you combine these techniques and how they define a good AI. Topics that will be covered: 

  • Agent Architecture

  • Steering Behaviours

  • Steering Pipeline

  • Navigation

  • Field of View - Vision

  • State Machine

  • Behaviour Tree


Gameplay Programming Coenen Simon from DAE.

Gameplay Programming Coeck Mike from DAE.

Gameplay Programming Kole Thomas from DAE.

Gameplay Programming Dewitte Niels from DAE.