Alumni working on
Jungle book

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  • <br><br>Alumni working on <br>Jungle book
  • <br><br>Character Creation: <br>Sculpt to likeness
  • <br><br>3D2: subdivision <br> modeling assignment
  • <br><br>Animation 2: <br>assignments
  • <br>Preproduction 2:<br>results assignment 02: <br>car shading
  • <br>Preproduction 2: <br>results assignment 01: <br>Composition
  • <br>Queen Mathilde <br>receives <br>Queen Mathilde in 3D
  • <br><br>Game Graphics Assignment: <br> Patch of heaven
  • <br>Layer Cake: <br> a Photoshop Script <br> by Travis Evashkevich
  • <br><br>Thomas Van Nuffel <br>gets an Artstation Pick <br>
  • <br>Laura Loossens  <br> animated on <br> Robinson Crusoe
  • <br><br>Study visit <br>to the UK 2016
  • <br><br>Level Decoration: <br>Pedestal assignment
  • <br><br>Exam Results: <br>3D Production
  • <br><br>Animation 1 Exam: <br> Buster Keaton
  • <br><br><br>Results: <br>Preproduction 1<br>
  • <br>Dynamic materials <br> for characters <br>by Jeroen Bloemen <br>
  • <br>Procedural <br>Voronoi-Tiled Planets<br>by Cleon Mocika
  • <br><br><br>Character Design: <br>Exam Results
  • <br>Graduation Work <br>by Bram Nicaise: <br> Vast Worlds in UE4
  • <br><br>Character Design: <br>Assignment: Card designs<br>
  • <br><br><br>Graduation Work by <br>Tim Moreels: Gallywix
  • <br> Thijs De Rijcke: <br>Real-time vehicle <br> tracks in UE4
  • <br><br>Marie Claeys: <br>Human Evolution
  • <br><br>Dries Deryckere: <br>Car Deformation in UE4
  •   <br><br> Game Art Pipeline <br>PBR Helmet <br>
  • <br><br>3D1 Exam results 2015-16: <br>Cityscene on Sketchfab <br>
  • <br><br>Exam Results 2015-16: <br>Rigging in Maya <br>
  • <br>Exam Result 2015-16: <br>Scripting Course: <br> Automatisation tools
  • <br>Exam Results 2015-16: <br>Level Decoration: <br>Start Screen <br>
  • <br>Game art pipeline: <br>Assignment results: <br>PBR tools
  • <br><br>Level decoration: <br>Architectural visualisation
  • <br><br>Ay Ramon: <br> The making of
  • <br><br><br>Game Art Pipeline: <br>First 3D object for Unreal
  • <br><br>Internship Fair 2015
  • <br><br>Preproduction 1 <br>Outdoor Sketching Trip
  • <br>Jan Bultheel talks <br>about  his movie <br>Cafard at DAE <br>
  • <br> Kick-off <br> Academic year<br> 2015-2016
  • <br><br>Alumnus Brian Cox: <br>Rare Replay
  • <br>Impressive<br> Free work <br>by Tim Moreels
  • <br><br>student <br>Philip Milanov  <br>wins Silver in Bejing ! <br>
  • <br><br>Tool Development:<br> Exam results
  • <br><br>Graphics Programming 2: <br>exam results
  • <br><br>Programming 2: <br>exam results
  • <br>Preproduction 2: <br>End Results
  • <br>2015 Game Projects 1: <br>results
  • <br> Handpainted <br> Houses <br> on Sketchfab
  • <br>Character <br>Creation: <br>Exam results
  • <br>Exam 3D2: <br> High Poly <br>Vehicle
  • <br><br>Tim Moreels <br>Game Cowboy Character
  • <br><br>1st Year <br>Programming<br>Examples
  • <br>Dirk Driehuijzen: <br>Mercedes booth <br>3D visualisation
  •  <br> <br> <br>Kasper Ghyllebert
  • <br><br><br>music video Willow<br> at Fabrique Fantastique
  • <br><br><br>Study visit to the UK 2015
  • <br>Tim Moreels <br>featured <br>on Polycount
  • <br><br>Thomas Ghekiere: <br>Architectural Viz in Unreal
  • <br><br><br>Joeri Naert: <br>Poison Ivy in Unreal
  • <br><br>Tom Delboo <br>Graduation Work:<br>Faces of the Earth
  • <br><br>Game Projects <br>Team Evercrunch <br>in EOS magazine
  • <br><br><br>The Best <br> PBR Guns <br>
  • <br><br>Tom Ivens: <br>Forest Environment <br> in Cry Engine 3
  • <br><br><br>The finest works from  <br> the 3D production course
  •  <br> <br>Dynamic Seasons in UE4 <br> by Daan Meysman
  • <br>Michel Mohr <br>releases Hexjack <br>on Google Play
  • <br><br>Procedural content  <br>by Marcin Swierzowski
  • <br><br><br>Brian Cox
  • <br><br><br><br>VR Cave Project
  • <br><br>Level Editing <br>Best of 2014
  • <br><br>  <br> Exam Assignment <br> Character Design <br>
  • <br><br>Game Project:<br>My Machine
  • <br><br>Jeroen Devriendt: <br>Study in prototyping tools
  • <br><br>3D1 Exam results 2014: <br>Cityscene on Sketchfab
  • Games from our<br> First Global Game Jam
  • <br><br><br>We\'re Hosting a Jam Site<br> For Global Game Jam!
  • <br>Alumnus Hannes Delbeke<br>Staff Picked<br> on Sketchfab
  • <br><br><br>New Film <br> from GRID-VFX: Wiplala
  • <br><br>Max Script <br> Bend of Brothers <br> by Alexander Delagrange
  • <br>student assignments:<br>PBR Pedestals
  • <br><br>Alumni working on the<br> Asterix 3D movie
  • <br><br>Leslie Van Den Broeck <br>wins Blizzardfest!
  • <br><br><br><br>World Creativity Forum
  • <br/><br/><br/>The Best of Q-Week <br/>Pre-Production
  • </br></br></br></br>DAE Career Day
  • </br></br></br>Good Luck to our 1st Years </br> For Q-Week has begun!
  • Alumnus </br>Robbert-Jan Brems </br>on Being a </br>Technical Artist
  • <br/>Brent Rombouts <br/>Anatomy Study <br/>and Fluffy sculpt
  • </br>A serious game  </br>as training tool: </br>fire prevention
  • </br></br></br>Lino Drieghe </br> GAME OF THRONES TCG!
  • <br>Little Archer <br>by Alumnus <br>Hendrik Coppens
  • </br></br></br></br>Study Nights Have Started!
  • </br> </br> Annual Introduction Courses. </br> Another Success!
  • </br></br></br>Summer School 2014
  • <br>Start <br>Academic Year<br> 2014-2015
  • </br> </br> DDO Tutorial </br> from Leslie Van Den Broeck
  • <br>Brains Eden<br> gamejam 2014:<br>Llama Llama Dog
  • <br>Two DAE students <br>on the Polycount recap !
  • <br> <br> <br> Alumnus Xavier Fiers<br> on the Polycount Recap
  • <br><br>3D2: Final Assignment: <br>High Poly Vehicles
  • <br><br><br>Assignment for <br>Character Creation
  • <br><br><br>Roller Girl <br>by Shana Vandercruysse
  • <br><br>Guest lectures<br> at the Level
  • Alumnus <br>Nick Marien <br>chose a <br>different <br>canvas
  • <br>Alumnus Kevin Saey is<br> now studying Architecture
  • <br><br>Game Graphics <br>Assignments: AK47
  • <br><br>ShortcutMapper app <br>by Waldo Bronchart
  • <br><br>Power tool: <br>subdivision modeling <br> assignment
  • <br><br>Forest Scene: <br>a Game Graphics <br> Assignment <br>
  • <br><br>Hannes Delbeke<br> runner up on<br> construct3D challenge
  • <br> <br> Alumni working on <br> Kweetet <br> at Die Keure
  • <br><br>Alumnus <br>Matthew Dawn<br> became a Graffiti artist
  • <br>Jacco Goris<br> co-founded<br> 3D product <br>imaging
  • <br>nWave<br> releases <br>The House<br> of Magic
  • <br><br>Alumnus Hannes DevillĂ© <br>co-organizes<br> Free To Play 2014
  • <br><br>Jeroen Maton shows<br> his work on Battlefield 4
  • <br><br><br>Alumni working<br> on What\'s the big idea
  • <br><br>Alumnus Brian Cox<br> worked on<br> Kinect Sports Rivals
  • <br><br><br>Lizard by<br> Filip Van Mieghem
  • <br> <br> Tom Delboo &<br>  Leslie Van Den Broeck<br> on the Polycount Recap
  • <br><br>Students working <br>on Age Of Wonders 3
  • <br><br><br>sculpts by <br>Tom Delboo
  • <br><br>Composition:<br> Preproduction 2 assignment
  • <br><br>Very low poly <br>student art
  • <br><br>Alumnus <br>Jordy Lakiere <br>on Art Stuff
  • <br>Alexander<br> Delagrange <br> joins our team
  • <br><br>Stylized UDK Scene<br> by Stan Loiseaux
  • <br>Alumni worked <br>on the PS4 game Knack <br>at Grid Vfx
  • <br><br>Alumni release <br>Nerdy Bird 3D
  • </br>Alumni working </br>on Woolfe </br> made by Grin
  • </br></br></br>Alumni working</br> on Jack and the</br> Cuckoo-Clock Heart
  • <br><br>CREAWEEK 2014 <br>was fun
  • <br><br><br>Lise Dejaegere <br>self-portrait
  • </br></br></br>Character Design </br> The Best of 2013
  • </br></br>Remake of </br>the Hobbit Azog scene </br> by Brent Rombouts
  • </br></br>Amazing art </br> by Jeroen </br>Van Hoorebeke
  • </br></br>Astonishing </br>hard surface work</br> by Joeri Vromman
  • Triangle Factory<br>releases<br>Yeti set go!
  • </br> GTA 5 released</br> with the help</br>  of Alumni
  • </br></br>Roel Coucke</br>releases a tutorial</br>for Digital Tutors
  • </br></br></br>Dragon Commander </br>released with </br>the aid of alumni.
  •  <br> <br><br>Brains eden <br>game jam <br> 2nd place !
  • Disney tribute </br>by Leslie </br>Van Den Broeck
  • </br> </br> </br> Aya animations by </br>Sam Verschraegen
  • Alumnus</br> Laurens Corijn</br> unleashes</br> the Dozer
  • </br></br>Aller retour:<br/>DAE assists top<br/>photographers
  • Cara To and </br> Xander Clerckx</br> at PostPanic

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