Welcome new student

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Congratulations, you just enrolled at Howest. You probably want to thoroughly prepare for this new challenge. Below, you find all sorts of information that can be useful before you start. Welcome to the official opening of the academic year.

Your enrolment
For information regarding your enrolment and your administrative file, you can always address the student administration office.

Preparatory courses
As a future university college student, you want to be well prepared for the study program of your choice. In the first half of September, just before the start of the academic year, DAE organises a few preparatory courses for those students who have limited prior knowledge of certain subjects.

Introduction week
Each new academic year, the lessons start on a Monday, generally the 4th week of September. The week before, we welcome our international students with a series of activities. This way you can settle in and get to know a lot of fellow students before the mayhem starts...
During this introductory week, you also receive information on administrative matters, life on campus, renting a bike in Kortrijk, and much more.

Study funding and scholarships
Howest University College itself does not offer scholarships or study funding.

Students with the Belgian nationality can apply for a scholarship by the Flemish or Belgian authorities. You can check here if you are eligible.

Unfortunately most international students are not eligible for these scholarships. There are however a few exceptions, and you can find more information about that here. For more information about study financing at Howest, you can contact Stuvo, our student services.

On your way to the campus
Kortrijk is not a big city and our campuses are within walking distance of Kortrijk's train station.

For faster or further transportation, we advise to bring (or rent) a bicycle, or take the bus:

  • The non-profit organisation Mobiel rents out bicycles to students for only €5 per month.
  • All Howest students get a free bus pass for the wider city of Kortrijk. This is connected to your student card, so you need to take that with you whenever you want to take the bus.

Applying for facilities
Students who are eligible for so-called facilities, can receive support that will make their learning track more individualised and comfortable, while still having to adhere to the competences formulated by the study program. The following students can apply for facilities: students with a disability, top athletes and working students. Which facilities exactly can be acquired, is determined for each student individually. You apply for these facilities to the talent coach of Howest STUVO.

More information regarding individualised study tracks can be found here (link to a web page in Flemish).