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Digital Arts and Entertainment is a curriculum whichwhether or not interactivevirtual worlds are designedThe inherent mix of artistic and technical skills has its repercussions on the work and teaching methods. So the necessary infrastructure ranges from a traditional educational environment to more artistic inspired set-ups.

Below some of the most interesting features for students at The Level and at the mother campus GKG.


The Level has a brand new green key with Mocap and state-of-the art equipment . Our students will learn how to work with this equipment so they feel like a fish in the water around the latest technology. Of course they can also use it for their projects. Moreover, all these materials are also available for the companies in our incubator and can be rented by external firms.


In the Level there is a fully equipped audio and recording studio.

All classrooms are well off for projectors and tables with network connections.  We don’t have couches but we do can provide everybody with a desk chair.

Besides traditional small and big classrooms for teaching, we have two art labs where our teachers made sure the environment stimulates creativity. We practice storyboarding in style. A brand-new classroom with state-of-the-art material is waiting for you so that you can start drawing under the best circumstances.


The conference room near the entrance of the level is not available for teaching however for seminars, workshops, external guest speakers,… Every semester, we try to build in a class free afternoon for the students so they can attend a wide variety of lectures and workshops that we organize.



You have some time in between your classes? You want to work on your school projects, alone or with some fellow students? Or you just want to hang around and talk to your friends? Perfect! Grab a chair, something to eat, to drink and enjoy!


You will not only draw on paper but also digitally. We recognize that  pen tablets, interactive pen displays and digital interface solutions are quite expensive, therefore you can use our hardware for free. Between two lessons or during a free moment you can easily plug in your laptop and get started. Our scanners, printers and copiers are also available to our students.


We have multiple consoles, phones, tablets,... which students can use to can test their projects.

We know that your laptop is very important for your education. Therefore we have installed a helpdesk at the GKG campus that can assist you with all your problems and questions concerning hardware and software. 
If you have bought a laptop at Howest, the helpdesk will repair your computer as quickly as possible and if that is not feasible we will temporarily replace your computer with another.

Our multimedia center at the GKG campus is much more than a library with books. It is a modern, dynamic and up-to-date library.

Apart from specialized books, 3D magazines and press, you will find PCs, printers, scanners, software and places for individual study or teamwork.

All the students have access to multiple electronic databases, which, in a few clicks, lead to thousands of newspapers, magazines, specialist journals and scientific publications.


Each Howest campus has a restaurant, a cafeteria or a bar where you can buy a hot midday meal, snacks, soup, bread rolls and drinks at very democratic prices. Of course, you can also eat your own packed lunch.The level is a part of the GKG campus where our student restaurant is located.

The cafeteria is the place to be for meeting other students and participating in social campus life.
Here are some prices to give you an idea: fresh soup costs €1, a hot plat du jour can be bought at € 4 and warm snacks cost € 1.80 to € 2.50.