Kortrijk, Flanders, Belgium

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Studying abroad, getting to know new people, discovering different cultures, it’s all part of studentlife. So why not come to Belgium, Flanders and Kortrijk and spend some quality time studying at Howest, University College West Flanders in Kortrijk!

Flanders is the Flemish (Dutch-speaking) community of the federal kingdom of Belgium.
The capital of Flanders is Brussels, a capital it shares with Belgium and the European Union. Brussels, capital of Flanders, is home to the European Commission, NATO and many international institutions. With 159 embassies and 2,500 diplomats, Brussels is the second largest diplomatic city in the world.
Flanders is a wonderful region, at the heart of the great Western European cultures. Kortrijk and Bruges are two well-known historic towns with an interesting mix of the old and the new, adventures for young people to discover and less than three hours away from Brussels, Paris, London or Amsterdam.

Other kinds of pretty facts:

  • Standard of education in Flanders: one of the highest in Europe
  • Rich cultural heritage and vibrant night life
  • Medieval, artistic and fashion cities like Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels
  • Worldwide gastronomic reputation: chocolate, beer, French fries, waffles…

Kortrijk is the city of innovation, creation and design. Even though the city is proud of its historical patrimony, famous architects and designers such as Arne Quinze, are redesigning the city. Robbrecht & Daem are taking care of a branch of a bank and the new shopping centre, Bob van Reeth is coordinating the Leie banksproject and Stéphane Beel focuses his attention on the Buda Tower.
Kortrijk has a long tradition making visitors feel at home and well-cared for, hence there will be no language gap!
International students will particularly appreciate the cities’ smaller scale spiced with the thought that the larger cities are within easy reach.

The city of Kortrijk has invested in becoming a proper student city.  There is a public skate bowl and a basket court 5 minutes from the school. Every academic year starts with a free Student Welcome Concert on the Schouwburgplein, for example. And Kortrijk has a great music scene: Goose, Steak Number Eight, Amen Ra, SX, Balthazar, Ozark Henry,...

The number of university students rises every year with about 8000 students at the moment.
You can find more information about Kortrijk and the student life in Kortrijk via www.kortrijk.be and www.kortrijkstudentenstad.be.