How to prepare yourself

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How do I know if DAE is a suitable training for me? Think critical and be honest to yourself!

How many hours are your prepared to spend on schoolwork? We expect the modal DAE student to work 40 to 47 hours per week! (lessons included)


How quality-conscious are you? Can you accept that good is not good enough?
How do you deal with criticism? Are you going to put yourself in defensive mode or do you listen and learn? 

Are you really passionate about digital arts and game development? Think twice before you enroll for DAE if nothing from the above mentioned themes bring water to your mouth. You run the risk not knowing what you are letting yourself in for.

How fast do you give up? After the first setback? Or do you persevere with what you have started?

It’s an asset to have experience with games. However, if you’re only interested in gaming and not in the technology behind the games, DAE isn’t the right choice for you!  You better get rid of your game addiction before starting DAE!

What kind of fore knowledge do I need for DAE?
In fact, you need none! But experience shows that students who don’t have any prior knowledge tend to have a rough time the first year. Therefore, we urge future students to:

Never programmed?
To make a good start you can learn to work with Visual Studio #.  All the information you need to blast-off, you can find here. Download free Visual Studio C# Express here.

Never drawn or sketched?

  • When you have never held a pencil in your life and you do want to subscribe for DAE, you can prepare yourself by studying the following drawing techniques:
    • Perspective: one-, two- and three-point perspective are important drawing techniques.  They allow you to depict the environment as realistic as possible. Practice by drawing easy figures that are based upon cubes, bars, cylinders, cones and spheres.
    • Anatomy: Study the human body! Pay attention to the proportions you can find within the human body.  For example: the total length of the body is equal to the length of eight times the human head.
  • You can find a drawing course here: Andrew Loomis Anatomy Books
  • To give you an impression of what concept art consists of, you can check the following link:
  • Register as a student in an art academy, take a basic course sketching ore sign up for a holiday course drawing.

Never did something graphical?
Learn to work with Photoshop.  You can find a trial version on the Adobe website.

Never did 3D?

  • Download here a trial of 3Ds Max or Blender
  • You can download tutorials from their product sites.

What about mathematics?

  • A basic understanding of math in the secondary school should be sufficient to be able to cope with the math instructed in DAE.
  • If you think that your math knowledge won’t be sufficient: you can take the holiday math course and / or you can prepare yourself following this link. or this one.

Extend your visual and cultural knowledge!

  • Read books from different genres.
  • Play other games than those you are used to play.  For example casual games, serious games, games for another than yourself.
  • Watch contemporary movies and also try to Explore classic movies
  • Take pictures of things you like or find interesting
  • Visit exhibitions, museums, ….