3D for games 1

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During the previous modules students learned to make basic low poly 3D objects and textures. In 3D for Games 1, students are taught the basics on how to make assets and textures for current AAA games.


These games require highly detailed low poly objects and realistic materials, while at the same time being optimized for performance reasons. In order to make these assets, we explore the whole pipeline used for these objects.


This pipeline starts of with making a high poly object by means of subdivision modeling techniques. This object is then optimized and unwrapped, and the details of the high poly object are baked onto the low poly version. Finally, we use PBR-techniques to create realistic textures and materials for the asset. All of this is then exported to Unreal Engine 4, in order to create a nice lighting set up and a final presentation shot for the students portfolio.


Technologies used: Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3DS Max, Unreal Engine 4
Teacher: Regis.Le.Roy@howest.be