VFX Projects

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Second year, second semester, it’s about time to test all the skills you experienced in the previous modules.


You’ve actually seen many puzzle pieces of a production pipeline:

in terms of preproduction you’ve learned about storytelling and storyboarding, character design and modelsheets, moodboards, concept art and development.

In production you trained on 3D-modelling, -texturing, -rigging and even animation in Maya and in postproduction you were introduced to editing image and sound and the term 2,5 D.


So let’s merge all of this creative and technical knowledge into one course: Filmprojects 1.

Teamwork, production speed and weekly deadlines will be the ingredients to produce an animated short at the end of this course.


So you will be a professional teamplayer who’s immune to stress, who accepts a leader or takes on the executing role.


You need to be able to make a founded estimation of whether or not certain assets are feasible in function of the production planning or technical and budgetary restrictions.


You will learn to work according to the SCRUM project management methodology in which both your personal work and the end result the team achieved are evaluated.

Welcome to the real word of 3d production!


Technology used: Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3DS Max, Autodesk Maya

Lecturer: Dirk.Lambrecht@howest.be

vfc character compositing from Brent Rombouts.

FilmProjects1-Compilation from DAE on Vimeo.

Bruin Brood from Cara To.

Group Project: Creepy Doll from Sam Robberechts on Vimeo.