Preproduction 2

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Preproduction 2 continues on the knowledge acquired in the module Preproduction 1. The acquired skills and techniques will be refined and deepened.

Students will extend their knowledge of perspective and digital shading in Adobe Photoshop.


Preproduction 2 focuses on composition, mood, colour and materials. The students will use their knowledge of textures, materials and typography to create realistic looking production sheets.


Both analogue and digital tools will be used to create new work that is creative, technically strong and innovative.


The contents of this module:

  • Draw complex and dynamic forms in perspective
  • Develop the techniques to create clear and easy to read composition thumbnails
  • Develop the techniques of observational drawing
  • Develop the techniques of digital shading in Adobe Photoshop
  • Create a clear and realistic production sheet


Technology used: Adobe Photoshop, Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet


Final Assignment: Air Delivery Service: In the final assignment we will take you through the whole design and concept process. From thumbnailing, making light studies and colour studies till a finished final presentation painting. Credit: From Left to Right: Vilma Pekola, Ennio Sialti, Dries Deryckere

Digital Shading Assignment: Morgan. Credit: From Top to Bottom: Adam Cox, Christophe Degraeve, Daniel Becerril, Robert Lidner

Digital Color and Mood Assignment: Church. Credit: From Top to Bottom: Christophe Degraeve, Dovydas Budrys, Joran Meynen