VFX simulation 1

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In this course you will get to know what SideFx Houdini is capable of. Before we take a dive into simulations we first get our head around the procedural workflow of Houdini. In the first part of this course you will create Digital Assets with custom user interfaces. Those Digital Assets can even be used in game engines like Unreal and Unity. Proceduralism is a way to make lots of variations of a 3D model just by changing parameters and not manually moving vertices, thus speeding up production.


The second part of this course will focus on how to prepare and set up a 3D model for destruction. You will first learn how dynamics work, afterward you will see how to fracture and constraint your 3D model. We will also build in control over what will break and what not.


This module will continue in VFX simulation 2.

HoudiniDigitalAsset:Bridge_Ghalmi_Moustafa_A from DAE on Vimeo.

HoudiniDigitalAsset:WaterTower_Braspenning_Victor from DAE on Vimeo.

HoudiniDestruction_VandammeSimon from DAE on Vimeo.

VFX Sim_1_ 2017-18_Kobe_Roels_Tower_Destruction from DAE on Vimeo.

DAE2014 Compositing2 DeGreefLaurent 04 from DAE on Vimeo.