2D for games 2

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In this module we focus on making User Interface (UI) elements like icons, loading bars, high scores,... and Heads Up Display (HUD) elements. At first we learn how to making icons that fit with the look of existing games, we analyze the style and the used techniques. Below you can find and example of the game Worms where 4 new icons where designed that have the same look as the original icons. 


This will later evolve in designing and making our own set of icons and other UI elements. Software that is used in this module are Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


Lecture Yves.Pauwels@howest.be

Some examples of Medieval techniques

In this example we base ourselfs on reference, a real-life UI element from a car, this is turned into a Sci-Fi element mainly using Photoshop techniques.

This example shows how reference pictures from an old radio can be used to base a new UI on. This exercise focuses on techniques and analyzing reference pictures.