Campus life

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Whether you want to stay in and follow classes, hang in the lounge, attend an event or go out with your rented bike from Mobiel to discover Kortrijk, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to do so. 

Besides your classes, The Level hosts many activities and events like weekly industry sessions, workshops, contests, award ceremonies, study and film nights,… So, get started and build your social network, learn about the industry or just hang out with like-minded people.


A lot happens in and around The Level!  Below is a glimpse of some of the many activities and events:



The Creaweek is one week of total anarchy. All the regular classes for our first-year students are replaced by four-hour workshops about a broad range of inspirational topics that normally do not fit in our curriculum or workshops that act as teasers for classes in the second year. 

Some examples: Build a nerf gun, augmented reality workshop, sculpting in foam or clay, Kinect workshop, stop motion, 3D scanning, create an Oculus VR game, stage make-up,…



During the first week of the second semester, our second-year students have no classes. They only have one goal: to create a game or a short film in 3 days with 4 fellow students! During an award ceremony the best game and short film are chosen by all first- and second-year students.



At the beginning of the academic year (October/November), our last year students start looking for internships. That's why we decided to organise a day where our last year students can meet up with companies, show them their portfolio, have interviews, or just mingle during an informal networking reception... The ideal way for companies to get to know DAE and its students better.



Every Tuesday companies are invited to give a presentation to DAE students and staff and to inspire them with their passion and knowledge. Subjects can vary from artistic projects to a post-mortem of a newly released game. From a movie breakdown to a TEDx presentation. From explaining how the recruiting process at a company works to tips for setting up your own business. From The Voice of Mario to a workshop about The Level Design. Truly anything is possible!



Almost every week, The Level is used by us or by an external orgisation to host events. An example of such an event is Protopitch, an award contest for innovative projects in the creative industries that was held in November 2013. Pictures of the event can be found here.



Every Thursday evening we have a study night at The Level. The building stays open and first-, second- and final- year students are invited to study together, give each other advice, tips and help on assignments, portfolio work, classes,…



The Student Welcome Concert is a yearly music festival in the heart of the West-Flemish city of of Kortrijk. For 11 years now, students have been welcomed by this free festival in Kortrijk, a concept that has since been copied all over Belgium. On the stage you can see a mix of rather unknown bands and famous acts.


Howest also loves Music! Howest does not only sponsor numerous cultural activities and concerts, but also has its very own festival.

Howestival is organized by students with the support of Stuvo Howest. Check it out! Info:



Quindo is an audacious web radio for and by young Kortrijk. Students and volunteers bring you adventurous music and original programs about the city. Particularly interesting is Level Up, a show about games made togehter with students from DAE. Listen to Quindo or participate! More info