Maths Level Test

23 Sep 17

For students with extensive prior knowledge of mathematics (min 5hours weekly during secondary education), we have introduced a generic Maths Level Test for MathFundamentals/AMP1.


In case you score 50% or more on it, you are free to accept your Level Test score as your MathFundamentals/AMP1-score, which frees you from attending lessons.  The Level Test itself includes a pen and paper Theory(40%)+Lab(60%) component and takes max 3 hours.


If you have followed min 5hours weekly during secondary education, you can send an email BEFORE the 15th of september 2018 specifying your DAE-enrollment language (Dutch/English) and your previous study transcripts.pdf attached please to with a subject: subscription Exam ENG AMP 22 SEP 2018.


The test is organised on Saturday 22nd of September 2018 (8:30-11:30) at The Level (Botenkopersstraat 2, Kortrijk).

This is the only occasion to attend this test


More info: